1-up Active Time Babble… back from the dead…

No not really, I just really liked this podcast from gamer’s and game enthusiasts. It featured some cool talk on games at the time, most contraversial was FF13. This was a game panned before even played or given a chance.  Kinda like the PSP Legend of Heroes games… the companies actually had to raise the scores from 4’s to 6’s and 7’s since out of 10 a 4 means its a totally incompetent game. U.S. reviewer’s and money… hmm… I wondered why PSM the “independent” magazine was suddenly the official game magazine of PS1 and 2 era games.


I really like Kat Baily, she had a cool voice and nice opinions on things. Jeremy Parish seemed a little elitists but he was very intelligent, and at heart a good reviewer. I think he was actually just right a lot, that upsets people sometimes. I guess it’s in how you prove it : D

Anyways, check it out, download some and have fun hearing about games and games of the time with this fun gang of gamers.

What’s that BROKEN LINKS!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOoOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo!!!!! then try this shit out…


1-up… what a cool name for a gaming site.

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