1977 35mm restored “original” version…

There is a cool project going on to restore the original 1977 Star Wars movie to it’s original glory. In it there are really only special effects for the light sabers and explosions. The lack of extra “junk” that was added in later keeps the immersion level high. I was amazed at how seriously I took the movie. There are no elements that take you out of the movie. No really cringe worthy things that most movies and ads rely on to get your attention and can just be annoying.


Here is the link to the project, and feel free to grab a copy and keep the original “Star Wars” that people loved alive and in circulation. The new Star Wars by Disney, may not be hated by everyone, but they sure do seem stupid in terms of treating core audiences like idiots. After seeing the Force Awakens I really didn’t want to be disappointed again with Ep. 8. I don’t mind some things in them but there are some really bad ideas in these new soft reboot movies. IMHO. Its up to you to decide of course, and you can choose to like the reboots or the special editions but the originals in my opinion, have a much better feel to them and are simply better overall films.

Please own a copy of 1977 Star Wars to use this link.


There are also “de-specialized” versions out there with more enhancements, but done very tastefully to the original material, a worthy check out for Empire and Jedi.

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