Year of the Dragon… it most definitely isn’t even New York…

The movie features a very gritty feel to it and features excellent screen set up’s that unfold with conversations on crime. The basic premise is that the police are having trouble keeping Chinatown from being turned into a drug, gambling and crime ridden place. I think the people have mixed feelings on the matter according to the movie, but it’s not much to the pleasure of most people involved in the businesses there. I think gambling is legal in most places now, or at least it isn’t looked at as though it’s a crime. With gambling as a point of reference, you can gamble even if your state or town or religion doesn’t allow it… V.P.N technology is controversial but very useful. I could care less though about the crime and who’s side is who on aspect, cause Mickey Rourke is just that cool; seriously he sort of does look like Bruce Willis, but he’s far more accessible feeling.

The hero is Stanley White, an officer with a fake name and he a Vietnam era veteran. His insight’s on crime and war are worth hearing, as are the insights as to why he is not liked by almost anyone in the film. There is another cop who is a Korean war veteran, him and Stanley seem to take most of the screen time from the law’s perspective, outside of the chief and a outwardly corrupt officer.

It is based on Asia or since it is in New York, American Asian maybe. Did you see the poster, it’s pretty action packed. The movie is good, it’s about drugs, gambling, and violence. Politics and police, as well as family too.

Oliver stone had a hand in this film, he is also a veteran of the Vietnam war. They cut out a very cool end line from him, about time and war. That’s too bad.

Awesome set’s do define this film. Special effects are good… it’s a very frantic film of sorts, watching it. It might be since the hi-def ruins the effects to some degree, older films medium might be more accurate to what it should be.You should invest your time into it, but !! SPOILER ALERT !! the language and content can be pretty vile at times. Afterwards, I feel I do like it overall, and I hope you do too!

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