Wild Arms for PSVita: 2D Puzzles in a 3D world.

Is the PSVita dead? Most of the time a system dies when it has no more software for it released… so it’s dying. But it’s not dead. Plug it in and play it… IT LIVES! Imagine that, the industry just loves to push things forwards in computer’s… mostly just to push the latest thing. Which may or may not be better. Remember the Wii? I don’t think I have seen a video game console reach so many DIFFERENT people. I mean it was in old folk’s home’s, casual gamer’s homes and in people’s home’s who just plain wanted one, if only for Wii bowling. If there is a reason to keep using and buying the PSVita, it’s because the log of games, is really good.

There is a bonus to the PSVita that I LOVE, that’s it scales very well! The screen is great for some classic games. One for instance is the RPG from the mid 90’s called Wild Arms. It has had many different sequels. I don’t think they quite capture what made the first one so great though. The first game had an element of the previous generation still, but with the PS1 pushing it. It was like a SNES era RPG, but on steroids. The 2D like world map and level traversal, mixed with 3D combat was new, but it had way better graphics than the SNES and the combat was simple but still flexible to a degree. Also the music is very solid, a lot of tracks have a very ethereal quality to them that make the game feel real. Finally the story is very unique in that it is always hitting sad notes but not super tragic all the time, just sort of somber. It’s a mix of sort of future, past and present.

The PSVita shrinks the game down to a handheld size, and the sprites are clear and very vivid. I am not sure if I just love replaying a very solid and well made game or if it is just that good. But it’s addicting… I hope you give it a try, or find a PSVita just for this game, and other’s. Also don’t believe media hype for computer’s and pushing the latest thing. Look at how expensive it usually is, and you are really taking a risk based on how fun previous games tended to be. I like the switch, but I think the Wii is a better console so far, no sales can make a system more fun, just more popular. Also, since when do reviewer’s and gamer’s solely get to decide what a game is worth… if it catches non gamer’s, then I think you really have something. I hope the Wii comes back, Wii Sports alone kills most games out there in terms of reach of people and fun delivered.

Cover Artist: Eternien