Nana, a series about girls moving to the big city.

I first saw this book and for some reason I found it to be immediately interesting. I was in Tokyo and I don’t think I had heard of it before. I saw the cover and thought, this is kind of different. It had a Noir type of style to it and it felt different than the previous books that captured my interest. I feel that the cover can give you huge clues if done right with out much commercialism in the way. And this book looked very cool.

I didn’t buy it or read it but I mentioned it to a friend I made while in Tokyo, she said that the book is a huge influence on almost all women that move to Tokyo from somewhere else. If you think it looks cool give it a try, it has a huge fan base and perhaps you will be able to relate to it if you like the idea’s behind it.

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Otome Road…

If you are planning a trip to Tokyo and are a fan of manga or anime, perhaps you will find interest in seeing a small but unique district called Otome Road. This is a bookstore area that is not very large but features a cool notion of catering to females. I don’t think this is exclusive as you can find a lot of different anime and manga items, but the advertising and such tends to appeal to women, though not necessarily, as I love a lot of Shoujo anime and that is for girls as a genre.

Popular anime/manga series you would find there to be common…

I think you will find the Animate store nearby has most anyone’s needs for manga or anime or things in the realm of, and you may see some cool other things that interest you as well. If you are offended by boy’s love type of anime or manga this might not be the area for you to visit… see below link.

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Trigger… Kill La Kill “Kill the Killer” game coming soon…

Are you a fan of anime factory Trigger? I am, if you have never heard of them, check out their works! Nice animation, cool story lines and awesome music are usually to follow when watching their shows. I hear they have a game for Kill La Kill on the way. This was a huge success and a cool series about fighting establishment, and getting to be comfortable in outrageous clothing… most likely mirroring cosplayers own feelings.