Welcome to the world…

Back in 2005 the people began to use the internet for more than just information. It became a place for gaming and meeting people. It had yet to really began to allow people to use money to the extent that it could in the future… but there was still plenty of awareness that it could be used for banking.

Around this time there was a virus released called Pluto’s Kiss. This virus successfully destroyed the internet into oblivion. It was completely exposed and systems built for human security were armed. The virus was created by a ten year old.

In its’ place came a company called ALITMIT OS, this would be the operating system for the internet and the computing age could continue. At this point, there was a game released called “The World”, in this game anyone can do anything they want to. It’s essentially an MMO, but you don’t have to quest to enjoy it. Some player’s simply go to far out of the way places and sit and enjoy the scenery, while other’s are involved in the game’s leveling and skill advancement concepts. This can and does get out of hand to the point that moderating the level of enemy and player killing is allowed.

If this sounds interesting as a game to you, check it out, its called DOTHACK. There is a fan base out there for it still… since it’s concepts are so deeply interesting and the game and music are so well done. There are versions on different platforms as well as lighthearted versions for younger gamer’s, who just want to quest and have fun.