Alien: Isolation Motion Tracker Focus Shift

In Alien Isolation for PC, there is a handy tool that is common in the Alien and Aliens universe called the “Motion Tracker”.Ā 

Said to queue in on microscopic changes in air density in the movies. In the PC game, it can be used for not only finding the direction of Alien or Android movements, but you can update maps and find a location to advance the story. It also features a cool focus shift button that can allow you to passively view either the background or the motion tracker itself. A cool feature, that makes this game a bit more entertaining than I thought it might be. The game is mostly stealth and distraction tactics, but the ambiance is so close to the original Alien movie that it makes up for any gamer’s wishing for more action. Still if you like action in your games, you will want an A v P style game in the future, after playing this for a while.

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