Android Coding Guide Radical Art Template

Radical Art Template built for Android Studio (2015) Android Coding Guide

The Radical Art Template Android coding guide was created as an android development self starter guide for anyone interested in publishing art/photo’s on Android. It assumes you can set up Android Studio on your own and run the sample applications included with it. The Radical Art Template application itself is good as a reference but you will want to start a new project to include your own assets and a unique package name. From there most of the source, if not all, will transfer over and you can export your own .apk file that is needed to complete your own storefront listing.


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You can contribute to the development of more guides by purchasing the Android development PDF – Radical Art Template built for Android Studio (2015) from Amazon. This is not needed to download the PDF above for free, but simply to help support further developments!

Purchase Radical Art Template e-book

Purchase Radical Art Template e-book

Android Development Tutorial Download Source Video

Sample App

Yours should be renamed to include new icons, screen shots and descriptions.

Radical Art Viewer

Radical Art Viewer

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