Armitage III (poly-matrix)

Armitage is a really cool and hardcore cyber punk anime, with a couple of movie and some ova’s that you can find. I really enjoy Poly-Matrix, with Elizabeth Berkely and Kiefer Sutherland in the English cast.

Being from Chicago, I love the idea of a Chicago police officer going to Mars to join in bringing peace to the unrest of “robots” and third types ruining life for humans. It doesn’t really allude to race relations but it’s a slight undertone, as Detective Ross Sillabus doesn’t care who he lives next to as a key quote from him.

Naomi Armitage is a police officer as well and also sides with the “robots” as being free and should not be judged or treated unfairly. Over time, I don’t really watch many English voiced anime films or shows as I don’t really care for the dubs. Most just seems stock or aren’t as serious sounding as the Japanese voice actors. Plus the Japanese voice actors fit the character’s emotions and mannerisms far better, as it is the source material usually. This one however, seems to fit really well and over time I still really enjoy this films and the voice actor’s in it. I recommend watching it if you can find a stream or dvd : D




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