Atom IDE: Capable JavaScript IDE on first impression.

An IDE is just a shell to hold code and can help you code by predicting errors and helping you to understand base code provided by Java or Python or any popular language you are working with. You can import demo’s and see download code straight from GitHub within them. Most are also extend-able and have plugin’s to help you if you have specific needs.

I like the ease of plugin’s for Atom so far, as there a few that make coding in JavaScript much easier. I had some trouble getting settled in on an IDE for JavaScript for one reason or another. I think it comes down to going to method declarations and finding variables declared in separate files. Check it out if you have been using the same IDE for a while and not tried something different. It is advertised as more customizable and seems to have some pretty easily installed plugins that make coding easier by helping you to code smarter.

I have been using it for developing my Team Poker Card Game and found it to be the easiest to get some code rolling and then really getting things done. Check it out, it supports Facebook development with JS really well also. I need to sub folder some files as you see… lol but I still have to determine how I want it organized once the code starts to settle : D

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