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Back in 2005 the people began to use the internet for more than just information. It became a place for gaming and meeting people. It had yet to really began to allow people to use money to the extent that it could in the future… but there was still plenty of awareness that it could be used for banking.

Around this time there was a virus released called Pluto’s Kiss. This virus successfully destroyed the internet into oblivion. It was completely exposed and systems built for human security were armed. The virus was created by a ten year old.

In its’ place came a company called ALITMIT OS, this would be the operating system for the internet and the computing age could continue. At this point, there was a game released called “The World”, in this game anyone can do anything they want to. It’s essentially an MMO, but you don’t have to quest to enjoy it. Some player’s simply go to far out of the way places and sit and enjoy the scenery, while other’s are involved in the game’s leveling and skill advancement concepts. This can and does get out of hand to the point that moderating the level of enemy and player killing is allowed.

If this sounds interesting as a game to you, check it out, its called DOTHACK. There is a fan base out there for it still… since it’s concepts are so deeply interesting and the game and music are so well done. There are versions on different platforms as well as lighthearted versions for younger gamer’s, who just want to quest and have fun.



Stylish dressing in La Femme Nikita…

I love the French film La Femme Nikita. It’s a pretty good take on a gritty idea. A crazy women with a bunch of thieves who is turned into an assassin after killing a policeman during a robbery. She is turned into a high class killer and is eventually given some freedom after performing assassinations on other people when the French government orders. During the film she wears some pretty cool clothes though. Here are in my opinion the bright spots of the film… her attire… and possibly the scene where she dances after winning a match. She has a lot of nice clothes both in jeans and t-shirts and in costumes during kill missions but these few seem to fit pretty well for the scene’s and her character.

  1. A classy image with dressy clothes, this attire will be worn to dinner and then to assassinate someone… and then ran home jacket less in the rain after escaping…

2. Bathroom undergarments… could be a swimsuit though… not sure. The pattern is interesting and looks French like and most likely costly… pretty cool though for the scene.

3. Post assassination high class restaurant outfit, including a giant hat with holes in it. Not sure why she is so loud, but I guess she has made money, earned some freedom and is enjoying it.

Castlevania remixes “Vampire Killer” and “Stalker Remix”

Here is a cool track inspired from the classic horror game Castlevania… its got a nice catchy riff for the main theme and some cool whip sounds to help the atmosphere of the song : D

If you never played the 8 bit version, it’s pretty comical compared to the later games in that, it’s very tongue in cheek with references from the horror genre. Later games are good but are just a little more serious in tone. I think the end credits make the game well worth playing just for a simple scene with a nice credit roll. As a hint if you get good, don’t get chains for a nice challenge, if you get to bosses and even Dracula the leather whip is 2x more powerful. Have fun : D

To be a Vampire Killer… Simon Belmont must traverse levels of monsters from classic horror cinema and folklore to defeat Dracula and end his curse. I hope you check this game out for a flashback of gaming in NES’s prime. I like the idea of just finding simple random shit like game items and music and just elaborating on them. It reminds me of the games and I hope to inspire you to make something or play one of my suggestions. Perhaps I’ll start adding more content as I still get a few views per day.

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Nana, a series about girls moving to the big city.

I first saw this book and for some reason I found it to be immediately interesting. I was in Tokyo and I don’t think I had heard of it before. I saw the cover and thought, this is kind of different. It had a Noir type of style to it and it felt different than the previous books that captured my interest. I feel that the cover can give you huge clues if done right with out much commercialism in the way. And this book looked very cool.

I didn’t buy it or read it but I mentioned it to a friend I made while in Tokyo, she said that the book is a huge influence on almost all women that move to Tokyo from somewhere else. If you think it looks cool give it a try, it has a huge fan base and perhaps you will be able to relate to it if you like the idea’s behind it.


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Otome Road…

If you are planning a trip to Tokyo and are a fan of manga or anime, perhaps you will find interest in seeing a small but unique district called Otome Road. This is a bookstore area that is not very large but features a cool notion of catering to females. I don’t think this is exclusive as you can find a lot of different anime and manga items, but the advertising and such tends to appeal to women, though not necessarily, as I love a lot of Shoujo anime and that is for girls as a genre.


Popular anime/manga series you would find there to be common…

I think you will find the Animate store nearby has most anyone’s needs for manga or anime or things in the realm of, and you may see some cool other things that interest you as well. If you are offended by boy’s love type of anime or manga this might not be the area for you to visit… see below link.


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Trigger… Kill La Kill “Kill the Killer” game coming soon…

Are you a fan of anime factory Trigger? I am, if you have never heard of them, check out their works! Nice animation, cool story lines and awesome music are usually to follow when watching their shows. I hear they have a game for Kill La Kill on the way. This was a huge success and a cool series about fighting establishment, and getting to be comfortable in outrageous clothing… most likely mirroring cosplayers own feelings.


DJ – Cosplayer – Gamer: Kelly Hill Tone

I think this is art AND applications to a degree… A cosplayer who has some really good sounding and vivid music videos with some live content on her YouTube. She has a ton of amazing pics on Instagram, and I hope you check out her artworks! Do you like Vocaloid music and perhaps EDM, that’s what her style tends to be, then you might like her music. She is talented and pretty hot so feel free to follow the links to her images and music for some excellent cosplay pics and music!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kellyhilltone/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kellyhilltone/videos

Website: http://www.kellyhilltone.com

SoundClouse: https://soundcloud.com/kellyhilltone

Wild Arms for PSVita: 2D Puzzles in a 3D world.

Is the PSVita dead? Most of the time a system dies when it has no more software for it released… so it’s dying. But it’s not dead. Plug it in and play it… IT LIVES! Imagine that, the industry just loves to push things forwards in computer’s… mostly just to push the latest thing. Which may or may not be better. Remember the Wii? I don’t think I have seen a video game console reach so many DIFFERENT people. I mean it was in old folk’s home’s, casual gamer’s homes and in people’s home’s who just plain wanted one, if only for Wii bowling. If there is a reason to keep using and buying the PSVita, it’s because the log of games, is really good.

There is a bonus to the PSVita that I LOVE, that’s it scales very well! The screen is great for some classic games. One for instance is the RPG from the mid 90’s called Wild Arms. It has had many different sequels. I don’t think they quite capture what made the first one so great though. The first game had an element of the previous generation still, but with the PS1 pushing it. It was like a SNES era RPG, but on steroids. The 2D like world map and level traversal, mixed with 3D combat was new, but it had way better graphics than the SNES and the combat was simple but still flexible to a degree. Also the music is very solid, a lot of tracks have a very ethereal quality to them that make the game feel real. Finally the story is very unique in that it is always hitting sad notes but not super tragic all the time, just sort of somber. It’s a mix of sort of future, past and present.

The PSVita shrinks the game down to a handheld size, and the sprites are clear and very vivid. I am not sure if I just love replaying a very solid and well made game or if it is just that good. But it’s addicting… I hope you give it a try, or find a PSVita just for this game, and other’s. Also don’t believe media hype for computer’s and pushing the latest thing. Look at how expensive it usually is, and you are really taking a risk based on how fun previous games tended to be. I like the switch, but I think the Wii is a better console so far, no sales can make a system more fun, just more popular. Also, since when do reviewer’s and gamer’s solely get to decide what a game is worth… if it catches non gamer’s, then I think you really have something. I hope the Wii comes back, Wii Sports alone kills most games out there in terms of reach of people and fun delivered.

Cover Artist: Eternien

Windows 7 Mascot!?!

So I found this wallpaper a while ago when Windows 7 was still the popular OS for all… I know it has it’s devoted following but still Windows 10 is pretty solid I think. But did you know there is a mascot for Windows’s releases? I don’t think they are official but they seem to be popular on the internet as meme’s or whatever those are… link to WIKI

Link to download: Win7Mascot

Linux for a slightly more than casual PC user…

Linux Mint… I have given it a try… by force. My PC was ran well for a while but over time. It slowed down, possibly because I didn’t air dust it enough. Dust is a major killer of computer’s, and using a dust can will help prolong the life and power of your computer. I tried to clean it regularly but over time, my PC began to have trouble running even Windows 7. It could be the 4GB of ram that limited it or the hard disk had errors in it. Either way, I have been studying and working in programming and really I focus on that more than being an electrical engineer or a hardware guy. To help keep my PC usable, I decided to try Linux out, since it has less system requirements.

Linux Mint Link: https://linuxmint.com

I have use Ubuntu before in college, but I never really like the UI very much, even though it can be customized, it just rubbed me the wrong way. Perhaps I am more used to the Windows type of UI. I eventually found different versions of Linux exist and one I like and use a lot on my PC now is Linux Mint. Now the real trick if you are very new, would be to use the “Cinnamon” UI. It works very much like Windows 10 and has many of the same features like windows snap and folders shortcut WINDOWS+E.

A valid talking point, I have read in the past and still today, is that the user base is low. I love Windows and developing in it, so don’t throw away Windows just yet on a whim, but since the user base is low there simply aren’t as many hacker’s. Also a big problem reported with Window’s and Internet Explorer was/is that the software has been around for so long, it’s been hacked apart by a lot of people over time.

My PC does run it a lot better now than it did with Windows 7. I can’t say it won’t be a time consuming thing to learn the command line, but I only use it for installing things, and there is a package manager that you can learn as well for a simpler way of installing things. You may be surprised at how easy it is to install, and use. The speed gain alone may make you more productive. As a bonus there are the web based versions of Office Word, PowerPoint, etc. you can use in place of the desktop version. There is less need for anti-virus due to technical reasons, but using a VPN at public WiFi’s is recommended for secure browsing, much like when using Windows. If you have remotely considered trying Linux out… go for it!

Feature Image Artist: RedTail126548

2nd Artwork: Mint Dew