Femme Villain: Shampoo

I love Ranma 1/2, the series is hilarious… seriously, I laugh almost always when I sit and read it. I may actually be going through withdrawals from the series lately, I just miss it so much! So here is a independent art spotlight on some deviant art pics featuring… Shampoo! A female character who is pretty aggressive with Akane and hopes to marry Ranma…

A nice Sketch here by REIJR… very cool

A cool catgirlish version of Shampoo by MIDNA01 showing Shampoo does in fact have her own curse in the books…

A very cool cosplay on the rocks… I love how the setting fits the scenery shown in much of the books.. rocky cliffs! – Ryoko-demo

A cool pic here by Yuki-Oto featuring Shampoo in a cool warring pose!

I like the style of this one, feels very real as art, much of digital artwork is so clean it hurts my eyes…this one is very nice feeling to me : D nice work 1nvaderNad… interesting name…

Feature Image: Nanavichan created a nice icon artwork.

Year of the Dragon… it most definitely isn’t even New York…

The movie features a very gritty feel to it and features excellent screen set up’s that unfold with conversations on crime. The basic premise is that the police are having trouble keeping Chinatown from being turned into a drug, gambling and crime ridden place. I think the people have mixed feelings on the matter according to the movie, but it’s not much to the pleasure of most people involved in the businesses there. I think gambling is legal in most places now, or at least it isn’t looked at as though it’s a crime. With gambling as a point of reference, you can gamble even if your state or town or religion doesn’t allow it… V.P.N technology is controversial but very useful. I could care less though about the crime and who’s side is who on aspect, cause Mickey Rourke is just that cool; seriously he sort of does look like Bruce Willis, but he’s far more accessible feeling.

The hero is Stanley White, an officer with a fake name and he a Vietnam era veteran. His insight’s on crime and war are worth hearing, as are the insights as to why he is not liked by almost anyone in the film. There is another cop who is a Korean war veteran, him and Stanley seem to take most of the screen time from the law’s perspective, outside of the chief and a outwardly corrupt officer.

It is based on Asia or since it is in New York, American Asian maybe. Did you see the poster, it’s pretty action packed. The movie is good, it’s about drugs, gambling, and violence. Politics and police, as well as family too.

Oliver stone had a hand in this film, he is also a veteran of the Vietnam war. They cut out a very cool end line from him, about time and war. That’s too bad.

Awesome set’s do define this film. Special effects are good… it’s a very frantic film of sorts, watching it. It might be since the hi-def ruins the effects to some degree, older films medium might be more accurate to what it should be.You should invest your time into it, but !! SPOILER ALERT !! the language and content can be pretty vile at times. Afterwards, I feel I do like it overall, and I hope you do too!



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Star Butterfly Cosplays and Artworks!

Who doesn’t like Star? I mean she’s cute, fun and for all her insanity and antics, a good kid. I found a bunch of pics that I like, feel free to save any of them for yourself! I don’t remember where I got all them, mostly from DeviantArt. I hope even though you can find these yourself, you are introduced to the series, with it’s forward thinking sub themes and fun overall story of magic and ruler’s.


A cute Miku cures the curse of darkness…

You should all check out this cool cute Instagram cosplayer that has a bunch of cool Miku pic! Here are some pics of her work and a link to her Instagram! Check it out if you are a Miku fan… super cool stuff! Now post includes a link to the profile… Instagram: snowhatsunemeeks

cosplayer instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hatsunemikuloverblog/

featured image: https://www.instagram.com/snowmeeks/


!! Warning !! ***Fake apocalyptic post for click bait*** !! Warning !! There seems to be people using PC technology to steal and hack and for some reason can seem to get away it. Can I ask, in the event God forbid, the U.S. or the World including the U.S. is defeated soundly with internet technology and you are aware of my site. Will you to please allow this post to stay alive? Ancient, yes, old, yes, but sometimes classic stories are interesting for more than just the book to me. I read some full graphic novels on the story, it is pretty good, with blood transfusions and all.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula


Cowboy meets vampire movie: Near Dark

SNES Sim City

I started playing SNES’s version of Sim City a while back when the SNES was an active console. I really like the simplicity of it. The style is real time strategy. It was so new and interesting and fun at the time. I had to re download it. Some games don’t seem to keep the same effect over time. It’s sad. Like not having the CRT monitor’s for TV makes a big difference sometimes. But in the PC version. It still plays really nice. I sort of like the style of it from a UI point of view. Though it runs kinda slowly, even at top speeds.

The best part of waking up to a new city full of money, is knowing there were no disaster’s to ruin it. If you set it up with a good base it will make money over time. Let it run while the pc is running…

It’s a fun game still. Even in a perfect world you build up as your own, it feels like a new city and features a new set of differences. Great Job!

“Primitive” games…

I think I have been reading a bit on archaic humans for some reason, imagining that there were an ancient race of people who could read and travel the seas based on stars and did so over painstaking years. Despite being a tech student I really enjoyed taking an Archaeology class, I think it’s a good course for stimulating thinking and learning problem solving in different ways. All this made me ponder on gaming origins… what are our primitive or “archaic” games?

Nintendo is/was a card company, they made card games back in 1889, this is a first choice to focus on for video gaming, but being from the United States we grow up more with Milton Bradley games. Board games, the side games we have as bonus in our awesome RPG’s were all people had back in the day. A quick read on Milton is interesting and pretty funny, before he had a gaming company his lithograph business went out of sale as Lincoln became famous. It boosted his sales to have Lincoln, but after Lincoln grew his iconic beard the images were outdated and didn’t sell, forcing him to focus on selling board games.

Since I can’t trust you guys will look at the wiki page, please let me show you the morbid side of gaming in the 1860’s for all to play. The above is from The Checkered Game of Life. I think PC games used to be edgy like this in the 90’s with Doom having more violence than consoles. According to this 50 was getting up there in age. Suicide was clearly a viable option, but if you can stay away from crime you just might find honesty and success. The game’s focus on commercial success overtook games based on progressing virtues, a sign of a healthy growing nation. I imagine those were religious type board games, along with my Jacob’s Ladder it was all I ever needed then!

Is this funny or just plain crude? Not sure myself… then I turned off season 2 at some point.

Melon Protector

I like the old comic Ghallagher, have you heard of him… not sure if his routine still works or if there was some underlying theme to it I missed. It was the eighties, it could be layered in perverted sex jokes and cocaine. But mostly it was just some funny French painter looking guy smashing fruit over people. I don’t know what’s wrong with people in this world. I just hope to be entertained…

So not sure why this is in this post.. I actually just wanted to show off a couple of new helmets I might buy. I actually have two, I figure maybe someone else at reck might need it. I suppose I keep some shin pads for that too… but that’s kinda gross. Using someone else’s equipment with sweat and bacteria… who know’s maybe that was Hossa’s skin condition cause. Worse than sharing needles… sharing hockey equipment. j/k Drugs are not a joke.

What do you guys think visor or no visor?


Nice option for under 100.00 CCM is a pretty reliable company, I see their gear a lot. But I would like to find one with a shield to try that out… but it most likely will cost more. Something like this nice but I would still need to get the helmet part. Looks cool.


Cover Photo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilary_Knight_(ice_hockey)#/media/File:HilaryKnight.jpg

Storm pics… art and cosplays!

I felt like Storm was one of the best x-men in the movies despite Wolverine getting most of the attention in media and praises for acting abilities. When she lights it up… it’s almost always really exciting in the story, the effects are thrilling graphically as well.

Check out more artworks from other sites for Storm at Deviant Art or World Cosplay  to find more cool pics!

Cover Wallpaper: https://wallpapersafari.com/w/DAQIHF



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