Barry is pretty cool… check it out

Season 1 of the HBO show Barry is pretty intense, I saw a first episode where Barry is at a party and drunk. He ruins what could have been a chance at a girlfriend by being a drunk idiot. From there I saw some random violence and then decided this looks interesting and I like Bill Hader so why not watch it all…

It’s HBO all right, very meticulously crafted, but without the expansive landscapes and seemingly high production values, instead it’s very highly crafted small world set ups. If you like dark comedy you’ll most likely like Barry. As a former military member, turned hitman, turned actor Barry is lost in his world that he is actually in control of… mostly. Side character’s from his acting troupe, military troupe and Chechen and Bolivian assassin squads all mesh well to make a giant mess that Barry is the center of.

I don’t really like scores or grades for pieces of artwork and this is no different, it’s art and like life it’s chaos… mostly, with a touch of love. Just give it a chance.

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