Brave Browser and Privacy Features with TOR

I read this article from Firefox explaining the things about privacy that we don’t really always think about when using software. There is power in using different browsers. I think most people are interested in using the internet, but they are unable to tell what is happening when using it. People get information, but don’t really see how they could be taken advantage of while using it. Even I don’t fully know, after seeing invasive advertisements, possibly specifically sent and meant for me. Ads are web delivered pieces of content. They can be hacked and delivered specifically to certain people, if the money is right.

Firefox Link

It’s more scary and reality based and proven that your life is controlled for profit of others. Do we understand the Internet’s role in the next election? Read this article and see even the idea of the world being flat was propaganda. That was laughable as a kid but I think today about how we can be steered from the truths we now all know. Using Tor to browse can help keep privacy for you and keep you open minded and positive from non intrusive advertising.

Brave Link:

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