Castlevania remixes “Vampire Killer” and “Stalker Remix”

Here is a cool track inspired from the classic horror game Castlevania… its got a nice catchy riff for the main theme and some cool whip sounds to help the atmosphere of the song : D

If you never played the 8 bit version, it’s pretty comical compared to the later games in that, it’s very tongue in cheek with references from the horror genre. Later games are good but are just a little more serious in tone. I think the end credits make the game well worth playing just for a simple scene with a nice credit roll. As a hint if you get good, don’t get chains for a nice challenge, if you get to bosses and even Dracula the leather whip is 2x more powerful. Have fun : D

To be a Vampire Killer… Simon Belmont must traverse levels of monsters from classic horror cinema and folklore to defeat Dracula and end his curse. I hope you check this game out for a flashback of gaming in NES’s prime. I like the idea of just finding simple random shit like game items and music and just elaborating on them. It reminds me of the games and I hope to inspire you to make something or play one of my suggestions. Perhaps I’ll start adding more content as I still get a few views per day.

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