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Back in 2005 the people began to use the internet for more than just information. It became a place for gaming and meeting people. It had yet to really began to allow people to use money to the extent that it could in the future… but there was still plenty of awareness that it could be used for banking.

Around this time there was a virus released called Pluto’s Kiss. This virus successfully destroyed the internet into oblivion. It was completely exposed and systems built for human security were armed. The virus was created by a ten year old.

In its’ place came a company called ALITMIT OS, this would be the operating system for the internet and the computing age could continue. At this point, there was a game released called “The World”, in this game anyone can do anything they want to. It’s essentially an MMO, but you don’t have to quest to enjoy it. Some player’s simply go to far out of the way places and sit and enjoy the scenery, while other’s are involved in the game’s leveling and skill advancement concepts. This can and does get out of hand to the point that moderating the level of enemy and player killing is allowed.

If this sounds interesting as a game to you, check it out, its called DOTHACK. There is a fan base out there for it still… since it’s concepts are so deeply interesting and the game and music are so well done. There are versions on different platforms as well as lighthearted versions for younger gamer’s, who just want to quest and have fun.



Otome Road…

If you are planning a trip to Tokyo and are a fan of manga or anime, perhaps you will find interest in seeing a small but unique district called Otome Road. This is a bookstore area that is not very large but features a cool notion of catering to females. I don’t think this is exclusive as you can find a lot of different anime and manga items, but the advertising and such tends to appeal to women, though not necessarily, as I love a lot of Shoujo anime and that is for girls as a genre.


Popular anime/manga series you would find there to be common…

I think you will find the Animate store nearby has most anyone’s needs for manga or anime or things in the realm of, and you may see some cool other things that interest you as well. If you are offended by boy’s love type of anime or manga this might not be the area for you to visit… see below link.


Feature Image: LINK

Love Stage Image Link

Windows 7 Mascot!?!

So I found this wallpaper a while ago when Windows 7 was still the popular OS for all… I know it has it’s devoted following but still Windows 10 is pretty solid I think. But did you know there is a mascot for Windows’s releases? I don’t think they are official but they seem to be popular on the internet as meme’s or whatever those are… link to WIKI

Link to download: Win7Mascot

Little Witch Academy – series introduction

Little witch academy is by the studio Trigger and directed by Yoh Yoshinari, they are showing that they can be pretty good at mixing things up as this show is a bit different than what I knew Trigger  from, that being Kill la Kill. You can tell the art is similar in some ways, but the story and tone is very different. There are a lot of interesting witch characters and sub plots, as well as the main characters are interesting and they feel real or believable and this helps make the show feel real.


There are mostly comedy episodes but, a lot of the episodes touch on some interesting and mature themes, mostly about the missing witch Shiny Chariot and learning how to be a better person/witch. The show talks about working hard to achieve dreams and this is really important for believing in the whole story, as all the witches are capable on a whim at something, except for the main star Akko. She is usually very weak, but she is energetic and shows really immense ability when it seems to matter most or if other’s can’t. Its interesting and likable to see her succeed after failing a ton!



Check this anime out, there are two seasons and a 25 minute OVA, for a cool take on on witches and school type anime’s. I think it has some light horror elements and some dark comedy elements, but it is mostly light hearted and leaves the viewer feeling entertained after watching the shows.

Armitage III (poly-matrix)

Armitage is a really cool and hardcore cyber punk anime, with a couple of movie and some ova’s that you can find. I really enjoy Poly-Matrix, with Elizabeth Berkely and Kiefer Sutherland in the English cast.

Being from Chicago, I love the idea of a Chicago police officer going to Mars to join in bringing peace to the unrest of “robots” and third types ruining life for humans. It doesn’t really allude to race relations but it’s a slight undertone, as Detective Ross Sillabus doesn’t care who he lives next to as a key quote from him.

Naomi Armitage is a police officer as well and also sides with the “robots” as being free and should not be judged or treated unfairly. Over time, I don’t really watch many English voiced anime films or shows as I don’t really care for the dubs. Most just seems stock or aren’t as serious sounding as the Japanese voice actors. Plus the Japanese voice actors fit the character’s emotions and mannerisms far better, as it is the source material usually. This one however, seems to fit really well and over time I still really enjoy this films and the voice actor’s in it. I recommend watching it if you can find a stream or dvd : D




iDOLM@STER “Stella Stage” PS4

iDOLM@STER isn’t really popular in the U.S. but it’s a cool game about music and raising an idol, I actually never played an iDOLM@STER game but I watch the you tube videos and hope to import a game one day. Since it has to do with my site’s general idea’s and I just plain like it.. though I have seen some of the anime to know I like the music and character’s! Here is a trailer for the new game coming out… import it in December!



All for the love of games and anime!

I do love anime, games and idol’s and here are some other’s that might actually have more devotion than myself! I have seen posts in other sites about this devotion to the art. I am truly inspired by the devotion some people have for anime, games and cosplay. It is not a love widely accepted socially yet at this time but to all things turn turn turn : D

I think it’s inspiring that people are so devoted to the art of gaming and anime as well become so devoted to the characters developed for them that they become emotionally attached. I think most games that are classified as JRPG’s have an element of emotion that most western games can’t seem to relate to or touch on for one reason or another. Here are some cool games with themes of love that I hope you can enjoy.

Full Metal Alchemist… Live Action!

Check out the trailer for the live action Full Metal Alchemist movie. I haven’t finished the books yet so it’s one of the best kept anime/manga’s on my shelf waiting for me. Look’s pretty cool though and hopefully it will keep the serious as well as comedic tone’s of the series. If you are new to the series check out the books or one of the two anime series its one of the better anime/mange ever created.

Link to Full Metal Alchemist Fanart!

Anime Experience: The Wind Rises


Anime and movie theaters in my experiences are a bit lacking, not that they aren’t good, but because I just don’t get to see enough anime in movie theaters. I love going to the show. I love the spectacular sound and on occasion the audience feedback. I was able to see The Wind Rises for the first time in a theater and it was really great as a film and a great experience to see an anime film in a theater.

To read details and/or spoilers you can read the wiki page below, but I would rather talk about the movie on a few different level’s, both my overall impressions and how it helps the anime genre differentiate it self from other animation genre’s.

Wiki page on The Wind Rises here… link

I have seen only a handful of Miyazaki films. I really enjoyed Princess Mononoke, one of the first anime I ever saw, I have seen a few others but not all his works. The style of animation in The Wind Rises is interesting, it seems to have a hand drawn feel to it and for the most part it is. Its different than most animation today that uses CG. The softness of smoke or clouds feels more real to me in some way, or maybe I just am used to this hand drawn style.

the wind rises website pic
Official Site Picture Link

I am not an expert on anime, but like most of Miyazaki’s films The Wind Rises is mostly mature in tone, in that the content isn’t exactly tailored for children but it wouldn’t be considered a rated-R film. There is a war going on and there is a lot of violence from the warfare that occurs during the movie but its’ not gratuitous. It has a PG-13 rating in the U.S.

I think this films proves the point that anime is not the same as cartoons, the only real similarity is that they are images in motion with sound. I think most Americans see anime as cartoons and dismiss it as such too often. There is a lot of anime and a lot of types, but I haven’t see as many animation’s from America that have any serious undertones to them, other than occasional moments. There is for sure a lot of immature anime but there is a lot of mature themed anime… not hentai, but anime that hits the hard notes of reality and doesn’t seem to need to worry about softening it for the general audience.

One thing in The Wind Rises that is bold is the main character’s smoking… I won’t go into details but I will say he can almost be seen as an anti-hero from this. Click the pic below to see more character bios from the official site.

the wind rises site pic 2
The Wind Rises Site Link Picture

If I could say this about Miyazaki and his films, its that he doesn’t always need to fully state the worse sides of us to make his points. He seems to allude to them in ways that make us think. I like anime in general for that. I often am thinking more during the anime I watch, mostly due to character development. This is different than the cartoon’s I watch, mostly for comedy.

I suppose I should say I like to call anime a sub-genre of art that has sub-genre’s. I mean I would never ask a person do you like music, its what music do you listen to? I think there are too many sub genre’s of anime to say do you like anime? I’ll bet for most people who say no, there are a few shows out there that would really surprise them or make them re-think what anime is.

Check out The Wind Rises for an anime that features drama, war, personal struggle and of course love. The art style may be different from what you are used to with CG type anime but its has some really beautiful artwork and the movie has a comfortable flow that keep’s a steady pace with the different scenes that pass.

Hatsune Miku’s 9th Birthday!


Lets make a post to celebrate the 9th birthday of Vocaloid Miku Hatsune!

Vocaloid has been growing in popularity as well as the creation of independent videos on you tube. I have read that there are more vocaloid videos on you tube than any other kind… Not sure the validity of this but it must include MMD videos as well as independent song videos.

Here is a link to her official page… www.youtube.com/user/HatsuneMiku

…and a feature video from this page!

….and Rin

…. Meiko