DJ – Cosplayer – Gamer: Kelly Hill Tone

I think this is art AND applications to a degree… A cosplayer who has some really good sounding and vivid music videos with some live content on her YouTube. She has a ton of amazing pics on Instagram, and I hope you check out her artworks! Do you like Vocaloid music and perhaps EDM, that’s what her style tends to be, then you might like her music. She is talented and pretty hot so feel free to follow the links to her images and music for some excellent cosplay pics and music!





Star Butterfly Cosplays and Artworks!

Who doesn’t like Star? I mean she’s cute, fun and for all her insanity and antics, a good kid. I found a bunch of pics that I like, feel free to save any of them for yourself! I don’t remember where I got all them, mostly from DeviantArt. I hope even though you can find these yourself, you are introduced to the series, with it’s forward thinking sub themes and fun overall story of magic and ruler’s.

A cute Miku cures the curse of darkness…

You should all check out this cool cute Instagram cosplayer that has a bunch of cool Miku pic! Here are some pics of her work and a link to her Instagram! Check it out if you are a Miku fan… super cool stuff! Now post includes a link to the profile… Instagram: snowhatsunemeeks

cosplayer instagram:

featured image:

Storm pics… art and cosplays!

I felt like Storm was one of the best x-men in the movies despite Wolverine getting most of the attention in media and praises for acting abilities. When she lights it up… it’s almost always really exciting in the story, the effects are thrilling graphically as well.

Check out more artworks from other sites for Storm at Deviant Art or World Cosplay  to find more cool pics!

Cover Wallpaper:



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Instagram idol… abnormal_walrus… awesome as usual

Here are some new pics from the amazing and awesome cosplayer known on Instagram as abnormal_walrus… cosplays are from Witcher 3… I actually only played the second game, but it’s pretty “wild” and you should check it out, you can find the second game for like 3.00 in most stores online.

Instagram Cosplayer/Musician

I found this talented cosplayer/musician on Instagram and you can follow her via this link…

Here are some cool preview pics, check out her pages for more cool images and fun music snippets!


Jean Wan Wan

Wow, talk about cute and cool. Here is a cool cosplayer I found on Instagram. She has some very nice pictures and has quite a bit of them. I hope you like them, I LOVE them. It’s a great way to spread culture of our world, right, blogging about these kinds of posts. If you like her work, support her by purchasing some of her items on her sites! I wonder if most cosplayers are gamers or watch the anime or believes its fun in some sense… instead of just hoping I’ll like the pic… I imagine that would be rude to ask in person. I mostly assume they do, I like doing this in hopes of supporting that idea.

Instagram Cosplayer: Saya_Scarlet

I have been following a cool cosplayer’s account here that has some awesome Miku cosplays, as well as some video footage of songs with dancing : D Check out her Instagram or YouTube page to see more of amazing cosplayer work. There is an amazing collection of work to browse through, as she has a good variety of Miku cosplays. It’s really cool to see cosplays for Miku other than the classic green-blue and black KEI designs, though those are her staple looks.

Saya_Scarlet Instagram