Otome Road…

If you are planning a trip to Tokyo and are a fan of manga or anime, perhaps you will find interest in seeing a small but unique district called Otome Road. This is a bookstore area that is not very large but features a cool notion of catering to females. I don’t think this is exclusive as you can find a lot of different anime and manga items, but the advertising and such tends to appeal to women, though not necessarily, as I love a lot of Shoujo anime and that is for girls as a genre.


Popular anime/manga series you would find there to be common…

I think you will find the Animate store nearby has most anyone’s needs for manga or anime or things in the realm of, and you may see some cool other things that interest you as well. If you are offended by boy’s love type of anime or manga this might not be the area for you to visit… see below link.


Feature Image: LINK

Love Stage Image Link

Jack Frost… cool name cool figure…* * *

So here is a cool figure, that is from the Atlus company. They have a cool mascot called Jack Frost. You can create him in the Persona games to fight for you, not sure if he appears in other games. It is from the Good Smile Company, who make some really nice looking detailed figures. This one is kinda comical since it has a simple aesthetic. Persona games are really cool too, if you never played one you get to live a day life and dungeon crawl at night.

Figure Link


Some footage from persona…

Here is some cool Persona footage… if you get max links you form an unbreakable bond : D



Figma: Odin Spere’s Gwendolyn

I played the PS2 version so much, I was content not to play the PSVita version. I would love to someday to see the updated graphics and new abilities. Here is one of the greatest character designs I have had the chance to see in a video game. If you never played Odin Sphere it’s an action RPG with tremendous character design and advancement.

Figure at OtakuMode

Figure at OtakuMode

Good Smile Nendoroid Figures!

Have you ever seen anime figures or are you an avid collector? Then you probably have seen or heard of Good Smile! They make anime and game character figures. They have a really cool and fun line of characters that have been making appearances in games and independent art for some time.

Official Store Link

I first saw them and thought they were cool/cute but after seeing what people have been doing with them they are now some of my favorite figures to see, and I don’t even collect figures I just think they are fun!

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