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Back in 2005 the people began to use the internet for more than just information. It became a place for gaming and meeting people. It had yet to really began to allow people to use money to the extent that it could in the future… but there was still plenty of awareness that it could be used for banking.

Around this time there was a virus released called Pluto’s Kiss. This virus successfully destroyed the internet into oblivion. It was completely exposed and systems built for human security were armed. The virus was created by a ten year old.

In its’ place came a company called ALITMIT OS, this would be the operating system for the internet and the computing age could continue. At this point, there was a game released called “The World”, in this game anyone can do anything they want to. It’s essentially an MMO, but you don’t have to quest to enjoy it. Some player’s simply go to far out of the way places and sit and enjoy the scenery, while other’s are involved in the game’s leveling and skill advancement concepts. This can and does get out of hand to the point that moderating the level of enemy and player killing is allowed.

If this sounds interesting as a game to you, check it out, its called DOTHACK. There is a fan base out there for it still… since it’s concepts are so deeply interesting and the game and music are so well done. There are versions on different platforms as well as lighthearted versions for younger gamer’s, who just want to quest and have fun.



Castlevania remixes “Vampire Killer” and “Stalker Remix”

Here is a cool track inspired from the classic horror game Castlevania… its got a nice catchy riff for the main theme and some cool whip sounds to help the atmosphere of the song : D

If you never played the 8 bit version, it’s pretty comical compared to the later games in that, it’s very tongue in cheek with references from the horror genre. Later games are good but are just a little more serious in tone. I think the end credits make the game well worth playing just for a simple scene with a nice credit roll. As a hint if you get good, don’t get chains for a nice challenge, if you get to bosses and even Dracula the leather whip is 2x more powerful. Have fun : D

To be a Vampire Killer… Simon Belmont must traverse levels of monsters from classic horror cinema and folklore to defeat Dracula and end his curse. I hope you check this game out for a flashback of gaming in NES’s prime. I like the idea of just finding simple random shit like game items and music and just elaborating on them. It reminds me of the games and I hope to inspire you to make something or play one of my suggestions. Perhaps I’ll start adding more content as I still get a few views per day.

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Trigger… Kill La Kill “Kill the Killer” game coming soon…

Are you a fan of anime factory Trigger? I am, if you have never heard of them, check out their works! Nice animation, cool story lines and awesome music are usually to follow when watching their shows. I hear they have a game for Kill La Kill on the way. This was a huge success and a cool series about fighting establishment, and getting to be comfortable in outrageous clothing… most likely mirroring cosplayers own feelings.


Wild Arms for PSVita: 2D Puzzles in a 3D world.

Is the PSVita dead? Most of the time a system dies when it has no more software for it released… so it’s dying. But it’s not dead. Plug it in and play it… IT LIVES! Imagine that, the industry just loves to push things forwards in computer’s… mostly just to push the latest thing. Which may or may not be better. Remember the Wii? I don’t think I have seen a video game console reach so many DIFFERENT people. I mean it was in old folk’s home’s, casual gamer’s homes and in people’s home’s who just plain wanted one, if only for Wii bowling. If there is a reason to keep using and buying the PSVita, it’s because the log of games, is really good.

There is a bonus to the PSVita that I LOVE, that’s it scales very well! The screen is great for some classic games. One for instance is the RPG from the mid 90’s called Wild Arms. It has had many different sequels. I don’t think they quite capture what made the first one so great though. The first game had an element of the previous generation still, but with the PS1 pushing it. It was like a SNES era RPG, but on steroids. The 2D like world map and level traversal, mixed with 3D combat was new, but it had way better graphics than the SNES and the combat was simple but still flexible to a degree. Also the music is very solid, a lot of tracks have a very ethereal quality to them that make the game feel real. Finally the story is very unique in that it is always hitting sad notes but not super tragic all the time, just sort of somber. It’s a mix of sort of future, past and present.

The PSVita shrinks the game down to a handheld size, and the sprites are clear and very vivid. I am not sure if I just love replaying a very solid and well made game or if it is just that good. But it’s addicting… I hope you give it a try, or find a PSVita just for this game, and other’s. Also don’t believe media hype for computer’s and pushing the latest thing. Look at how expensive it usually is, and you are really taking a risk based on how fun previous games tended to be. I like the switch, but I think the Wii is a better console so far, no sales can make a system more fun, just more popular. Also, since when do reviewer’s and gamer’s solely get to decide what a game is worth… if it catches non gamer’s, then I think you really have something. I hope the Wii comes back, Wii Sports alone kills most games out there in terms of reach of people and fun delivered.

Cover Artist: Eternien

SNES Sim City

I started playing SNES’s version of Sim City a while back when the SNES was an active console. I really like the simplicity of it. The style is real time strategy. It was so new and interesting and fun at the time. I had to re download it. Some games don’t seem to keep the same effect over time. It’s sad. Like not having the CRT monitor’s for TV makes a big difference sometimes. But in the PC version. It still plays really nice. I sort of like the style of it from a UI point of view. Though it runs kinda slowly, even at top speeds.

The best part of waking up to a new city full of money, is knowing there were no disaster’s to ruin it. If you set it up with a good base it will make money over time. Let it run while the pc is running…

It’s a fun game still. Even in a perfect world you build up as your own, it feels like a new city and features a new set of differences. Great Job!

“Primitive” games…

I think I have been reading a bit on archaic humans for some reason, imagining that there were an ancient race of people who could read and travel the seas based on stars and did so over painstaking years. Despite being a tech student I really enjoyed taking an Archaeology class, I think it’s a good course for stimulating thinking and learning problem solving in different ways. All this made me ponder on gaming origins… what are our primitive or “archaic” games?

Nintendo is/was a card company, they made card games back in 1889, this is a first choice to focus on for video gaming, but being from the United States we grow up more with Milton Bradley games. Board games, the side games we have as bonus in our awesome RPG’s were all people had back in the day. A quick read on Milton is interesting and pretty funny, before he had a gaming company his lithograph business went out of sale as Lincoln became famous. It boosted his sales to have Lincoln, but after Lincoln grew his iconic beard the images were outdated and didn’t sell, forcing him to focus on selling board games.

Since I can’t trust you guys will look at the wiki page, please let me show you the morbid side of gaming in the 1860’s for all to play. The above is from The Checkered Game of Life. I think PC games used to be edgy like this in the 90’s with Doom having more violence than consoles. According to this 50 was getting up there in age. Suicide was clearly a viable option, but if you can stay away from crime you just might find honesty and success. The game’s focus on commercial success overtook games based on progressing virtues, a sign of a healthy growing nation. I imagine those were religious type board games, along with my Jacob’s Ladder it was all I ever needed then!

Is this funny or just plain crude? Not sure myself… then I turned off season 2 at some point.

Melon Protector

I like the old comic Ghallagher, have you heard of him… not sure if his routine still works or if there was some underlying theme to it I missed. It was the eighties, it could be layered in perverted sex jokes and cocaine. But mostly it was just some funny French painter looking guy smashing fruit over people. I don’t know what’s wrong with people in this world. I just hope to be entertained…

So not sure why this is in this post.. I actually just wanted to show off a couple of new helmets I might buy. I actually have two, I figure maybe someone else at reck might need it. I suppose I keep some shin pads for that too… but that’s kinda gross. Using someone else’s equipment with sweat and bacteria… who know’s maybe that was Hossa’s skin condition cause. Worse than sharing needles… sharing hockey equipment. j/k Drugs are not a joke.

What do you guys think visor or no visor?


Nice option for under 100.00 CCM is a pretty reliable company, I see their gear a lot. But I would like to find one with a shield to try that out… but it most likely will cost more. Something like this nice but I would still need to get the helmet part. Looks cool.


Cover Photo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilary_Knight_(ice_hockey)#/media/File:HilaryKnight.jpg

For all the right reasons… Drew Brees is in…

Aside from the hall of fame one day, Drew Brees passed Peyton Manning for top passing yards this weekend… I actually don’t follow much outside if the Bears win or not. But I always took notice when Drew Brees was scoring outrageous yards totals. And he look he wears #9 what a cool number! I think I have one jersey with my own choice of number, that being #24 after Dave Manson, for no other reason than me and my friend thought he had a cool sounding name and was a tough player.


I saw the Super Bowl game he won with New Orleans and it was one of the better games I’ve seen. New Orleans is a crazy party city for Madi Gras as most of you know but recently it had been devastated with flooding and there was a lot of political turmoil over how the response to help them was handled. It was pretty great that they had some good teams before this but finally put a championship together for them.


Anime Art Puzzles

Here is an updated link to the html5 and js game of mine, Anime Art Puzzles. I hope you will click on the artists link button for any works that you like. This way you can see more artworks or find new artists… or find a broken link… my bad. Sorry for not having an auto scale feature… use CONTROL + and – to scale the page to your monitor.


1-up Active Time Babble… back from the dead…

No not really, I just really liked this podcast from gamer’s and game enthusiasts. It featured some cool talk on games at the time, most contraversial was FF13. This was a game panned before even played or given a chance.  Kinda like the PSP Legend of Heroes games… the companies actually had to raise the scores from 4’s to 6’s and 7’s since out of 10 a 4 means its a totally incompetent game. U.S. reviewer’s and money… hmm… I wondered why PSM the “independent” magazine was suddenly the official game magazine of PS1 and 2 era games.


I really like Kat Baily, she had a cool voice and nice opinions on things. Jeremy Parish seemed a little elitists but he was very intelligent, and at heart a good reviewer. I think he was actually just right a lot, that upsets people sometimes. I guess it’s in how you prove it : D

Anyways, check it out, download some and have fun hearing about games and games of the time with this fun gang of gamers.

What’s that BROKEN LINKS!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOoOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo!!!!! then try this shit out…


1-up… what a cool name for a gaming site.