Linux for a slightly more than casual PC user…

Linux Mint… I have given it a try… by force. My PC was ran well for a while but over time. It slowed down, possibly because I didn’t air dust it enough. Dust is a major killer of computer’s, and using a dust can will help prolong the life and power of your computer. I tried to clean it regularly but over time, my PC began to have trouble running even Windows 7. It could be the 4GB of ram that limited it or the hard disk had errors in it. Either way, I have been studying and working in programming and really I focus on that more than being an electrical engineer or a hardware guy. To help keep my PC usable, I decided to try Linux out, since it has less system requirements.

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I have use Ubuntu before in college, but I never really like the UI very much, even though it can be customized, it just rubbed me the wrong way. Perhaps I am more used to the Windows type of UI. I eventually found different versions of Linux exist and one I like and use a lot on my PC now is Linux Mint. Now the real trick if you are very new, would be to use the “Cinnamon” UI. It works very much like Windows 10 and has many of the same features like windows snap and folders shortcut WINDOWS+E.

A valid talking point, I have read in the past and still today, is that the user base is low. I love Windows and developing in it, so don’t throw away Windows just yet on a whim, but since the user base is low there simply aren’t as many hacker’s. Also a big problem reported with Window’s and Internet Explorer was/is that the software has been around for so long, it’s been hacked apart by a lot of people over time.

My PC does run it a lot better now than it did with Windows 7. I can’t say it won’t be a time consuming thing to learn the command line, but I only use it for installing things, and there is a package manager that you can learn as well for a simpler way of installing things. You may be surprised at how easy it is to install, and use. The speed gain alone may make you more productive. As a bonus there are the web based versions of Office Word, PowerPoint, etc. you can use in place of the desktop version. There is less need for anti-virus due to technical reasons, but using a VPN at public WiFi’s is recommended for secure browsing, much like when using Windows. If you have remotely considered trying Linux out… go for it!

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!! Warning !! ***Fake apocalyptic post for click bait*** !! Warning !! There seems to be people using PC technology to steal and hack and for some reason can seem to get away it. Can I ask, in the event God forbid, the U.S. or the World including the U.S. is defeated soundly with internet technology and you are aware of my site. Will you to please allow this post to stay alive? Ancient, yes, old, yes, but sometimes classic stories are interesting for more than just the book to me. I read some full graphic novels on the story, it is pretty good, with blood transfusions and all.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Cowboy meets vampire movie: Near Dark

Opera includes free VPN and adBlock

Opera is a 3rd choice as a web browser for most people, behind Chrome and Firefox. I like to try to influence them to use Opera when I can, so I thought here is a chance to talk about what Opera offers built in.

  1. Using public WiFi spots is more secure after using a VPN.
  2. Adblock improves your browser experience with less clutter by showing fewer ads.
  3. Set the IP location in the VPN settings to access region locked content.

Brave Browser and Privacy Features with TOR

I read this article from Firefox explaining the things about privacy that we don’t really always think about when using software. There is power in using different browsers. I think most people are interested in using the internet, but they are unable to tell what is happening when using it. People get information, but don’t really see how they could be taken advantage of while using it. Even I don’t fully know, after seeing invasive advertisements, possibly specifically sent and meant for me. Ads are web delivered pieces of content. They can be hacked and delivered specifically to certain people, if the money is right.

Firefox Link

It’s more scary and reality based and proven that your life is controlled for profit of others. Do we understand the Internet’s role in the next election? Read this article and see even the idea of the world being flat was propaganda. That was laughable as a kid but I think today about how we can be steered from the truths we now all know. Using Tor to browse can help keep privacy for you and keep you open minded and positive from non intrusive advertising.

Brave Link:

Start over with PRIVACY… with

You might be amazed at how nice it is to be told what you want to hear. If a company could read all your emails and then when you ask them for anything they know just what you want. Too bad most people don’t really know what they want. Yesterday is over, today you should think about how privacy can make you stronger. What if all you had offered to eat was yesterday’s meal… it might get old. Just as Google is now yesterday’s meal.. today I suggest you dine on PRIVACY.

StartPage is interesting, as it does use Google for results but you won’t have your life sent to the dark web and you will be less likely to be taken advantage of in life. This is a huge win for the people in a time when we are at war with other countries and legal internet profiter’s in the U.S.

Google searches your emails and tailor’s your results to you and your text usages. Don’t let them control your life with suggestions… decide what you want. It won’t be long before they find ways to make money off of you and have you contributing to things that are not in your best interest. Technology seems to move faster than current laws can keep up with.

Some of my favorite things… (websites)

I have this blog for my code and gaming and anime likes, but perhaps if you like my blog, and you have never seen some of these sites you can find some cool things for yourself if you check them out.

I like rpg games and this site is pretty interesting. They seem to be pretty honest in their reviews and don’t usually come across as high and mighty in their RPG knowledge. I listen to their audio casts as well, pretty fun stuff, and they like to include women into the collaboration as well. This is imperative for any work that affects mass amounts of people with their product. Something lost in many respects of technology, but is slowly improving.

This site is a bit more mature, but it has a good variety of things Otaku related and is good for keeping up on latest anime and BD releases that are uncut or uncensored. There is a large idol and echhi database of artworks, though at this point it is an 18+ site. It is also good for finding other blogs as well with similar content, the section under channel always shows cool new posts.

Gaming and video game guide site GameFaqs is really useful and has some most excellent boards for venting or hearing about games firsthand as they are released and you need more feedback other than industry influenced reviews. Not all are so bad but with hundreds of people adding comments you can usually tell over time what a game is about a little better than the opinions in most reviews. Oddly I did add a review site earlier, but that’s just because they are so old school cool with RPG’s and have really awesome podcasts.

World cosplay features a huge amount of cosplays and is a tone of fun to find cosplayers from around the world as well as perhaps finding cosplays of games not that popular in the U.S.

I hear Incubus has some favorite things as well…


Why is there a need for phone applications or “apps”?

When you use your PC you don’t have to download a separate application for every company and thing you do. You use your internet browser, right? So why is it that on our phone, where we have data plans that limit our flexibility already and poor internet here in the U.S., do we have to download constantly every time we try to use a site or play a new game?

I started developing in HTML5 and JavaScript, and I feel these two should be powerful enough to run any site, perform any login and run any game you can already run in your browser. I feel it’s been a way to inflate data plans. Rarely do I see an application do anything different on my phone than on my PC browser, other than ask for permissions for personal information.

Companies that have full fledged running websites seem to need a separate application to run this same site effectively on your phone. This requires two sets of development for iOS (Objective-C) and Android (Java and Kotlin). Why? Also… phone’s hard drive space should be so large it never runs out, it’s memory that is the premium not disk space or CPU power. Yet our phone’s are constantly out of space. I have limited proof, but I feel this is a way inflate developer costs and inflate costs of development and to justify large cell phone bills.

Applications on your phone can access your camera, contact lists… personal information that you rely on… sounds a bit like the answer is a common complaint I have with technology. It is becoming too sociopathic these days. Selling us out behind our backs, constant data breaches and releasing our information to the dark web. It’s not a safe world, and technology imitates life.

Technology changing grammar…

I think technology is strong enough to even change one of the world’s most common languages… English. In a writing of mine, in my bio on IBM’s site I didn’t end my sentence with a period on purpose, and I argue to a good degree that it is correct punctuation this way.

…”services. I love to try to mix art into my applications and have a blog named I strive to merge art into programming as much as possible, through my applications and blog posts. “…

Is this proper grammar for the sake of preserving the link? I would argue yes, and you can infer a new sentence by the first next letter being capitol… In the case of a proper noun and the ambiguity it presents…

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