DJ – Cosplayer – Gamer: Kelly Hill Tone

I think this is art AND applications to a degree… A cosplayer who has some really good sounding and vivid music videos with some live content on her YouTube. She has a ton of amazing pics on Instagram, and I hope you check out her artworks! Do you like Vocaloid music and perhaps EDM, that’s what her style tends to be, then you might like her music. She is talented and pretty hot so feel free to follow the links to her images and music for some excellent cosplay pics and music!





Overclocked Remixes… re:Listen to game music you love!

I first found this site/channel when FF7 came out with a full 4 album collection of music that is a remix album. I really like tracks from here and hopefully you will find some of your old classic tracks here, remixed and find new appreciation for them.

There is a you tube channel from this link here…

Aslo you can find them from their website here…


Here are some sample tracks…



AKB48 on piano : D

I personally like the idol band AKB48 and have listened to most of their concerts and been too the official theater in Akiba. I wasn’t sure what is was when I went and I actually didn’t start really listening to them till a few years after my trip to Japan. However, after seeing LoveLive! and a few other idol anime, I usually gravitate to the original stage concert’s I found on YouTube and such… so since I have a desire to learn piano better, I started finding some random videos of people who are really great at piano and play AKB48 songs. This is a great way to keep focused on being creative and productive in my life, so I hope you are inspired to learn an instrument or simply enjoy someone else’s playing.




Instagram Cosplayer/Musician

I found this talented cosplayer/musician on Instagram and you can follow her via this link…

Here are some cool preview pics, check out her pages for more cool images and fun music snippets!


Cool as hell introductions to a new game…

Here are some cool intro’s to game’s I like and want to share them with you… I can only hope you agree that they are as beautiful an experience for you as I have thought they are and hope to again and again.

The below is a very cool and artistic way to start a film or game…

Another intro with a cool cinematic feel, and do I hear a windows type chime in the opening or is it just me!

The secret intro plays if you let the game just run without starting or loading it… it gives dark insight into characters’ pasts and sets the tone for the game in a new light. Jack Van Burace and his quest for “The Power” began here…

What else do I have but this one… epic music and cool battle, does it still come across the same on pc as on the tv, most likely not but here it is in my best attempt to show you what it was.

BabyMetal – part idol, part metal… all ACTION!

I have been listening to alot of anime soundtracks, game music, and music that generally is related to the content that I blog about. So I decided to write a small piece on a band that came out in 2014 and has a couple albums and is even touring here in the U.S. this year with Korn and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Heres Baby Metal…

If you are familiar with rock n roll… take that and now add idols to it. Its a concept that I feel works pretty well musically… I like heavy metal music and most rock as well as I think idol type bands are pretty cool, AKB48 and anime like LoveLive!.

Official YouTube:

I have a you tube search link here so you can try to find some tracks to check out.. “gimme chocolate” is catchy.

Hatsune Miku’s 9th Birthday!


Lets make a post to celebrate the 9th birthday of Vocaloid Miku Hatsune!

Vocaloid has been growing in popularity as well as the creation of independent videos on you tube. I have read that there are more vocaloid videos on you tube than any other kind… Not sure the validity of this but it must include MMD videos as well as independent song videos.

Here is a link to her official page…

…and a feature video from this page!

….and Rin

…. Meiko

URB – Soundtrack for Cosplay Puzzles Games

This post is a quick overview of URB musician who is featured in  Free Music Archive and has their music available for sharing. I personally love the music that is made by this artist and hope you will enjoy it as well. I thought it fit well for many of “RadicalAppwards” cosplay puzzle games.

Its mostly digital music with a nice fast moving beat and some electric guitar, or other rock effects added like bass and drum. Not sure the genre but it seems to be electronic music with instruments combined with digital effects. Very cool stuff!

Here is a link to the site to hear more… please do!

fma urb
fma urb