CLAMP Magic Knight Rayearth Manga Review

CLAMP Magic Knight Rayearth Manga Review


This post will be my first Manga review and I thought I would make about one my favorites Magic Knight Rayearth. This is a fantasy/sci-fi type of book written by CLAMP. If you are new to manga this is one of the earlier books by the team of writers who started in the late 80’s and continue to this day. This series was written in the early/mid nineties.

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I didn’t know of the artists until I saw the X/1999 series in the early 2000’s. After I visited japan in late 2008, I was told to read this series. After finding the book I was amazed at the sheer creativity in the story and beauty of the artwork. Its hard to describe what attracts me to this series so much. I read some others by them and do like the material but this series just seems to hit all the right notes with me.

If you are a guy and reading mange don’t be put off by the main cast being a trio of girls in the series or the fact that the writing is by an all girl team. Its just as edgy and dark as a lot of series I read. It doesn’t seem to cater to one or the other gender either. The art style is a little bit girlish, if that’s a valid phrase, but also very dark at times and overall very cool in my opinion.

!! Warning Social Commentary !! In society I feel no one bats an eye if a girl wears a guys sports jersey or does things that are usually for males, it seems to be seen as empowering. Where as, if a man wears girls things or participates in things created or reserved for women they are looked at differently and tend to be made fun of or looked at in an entertaining way. I think this series proves how an all girl team can write and appeal to both men and women without catering to either one in particular.

This series is about a world that is about to be destroyed unless the source of its creation/power is replaced. There are different factions that would like to take over control and the main characters are thrown into the mix. When you read this its nice to see that the writers don’t seem to hold your hand the whole way, you have to piece some things together yourself or sort of think for yourself on what things mean or whose side people are on and why they do things. I like this and its something that a lot of stories just don’t seem to embrace. Mostly I would imagine to cater to as many people as possible. Anyways check this series out for a very cool read…

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