Closing Post

Thanks to all the cosplayers and artists who inspired me to start this blog!

Thanks to SquareSoft for making games, with amazing graphics and unique dark game play that defined RPG’s games for me along with other amazing development studios. Perhaps theres was a reason for the change in gaming from NHL to RPG, beyond my control. But I am glad to have given FF6 a chance, it led me to Chrono Trigger.

Thanks to the musicians who gave the games life with ambience and sound effects! Games I play, tend to have nice small looping tracks. There are some cool FF7 songs like “Hidden Temple” and “Wutai”, as well as most other’s. There is a nice main theme arrangement that is longer too.

Maybe also thanks to movies in general, I tried not to focus on multimedia outside of music and games but movies tend to fall in as topic from time to time. I really like to think that watching some movies has proven to be intense, after seeing the staging at times isolated during a casual view, I notice more sometimes.

As a parting shot… I’d like to ask that anyone who might be part of or considering acts of violence in the wake of the new Joker film, to please reconsider. Just watch the film and try to think of another way to make changes to this world.

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