Cool as hell introductions to a new game…

Here are some cool intro’s to game’s I like and want to share them with you… I can only hope you agree that they are as beautiful an experience for you as I have thought they are and hope to again and again.

The below is a very cool and artistic way to start a film or game…

Another intro with a cool cinematic feel, and do I hear a windows type chime in the opening or is it just me!

The secret intro plays if you let the game just run without starting or loading it… it gives dark insight into characters’ pasts and sets the tone for the game in a new light. Jack Van Burace and his quest for “The Power” began here…

What else do I have but this one… epic music and cool battle, does it still come across the same on pc as on the tv, most likely not but here it is in my best attempt to show you what it was.

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