Cosplayer Interview: Ana-Mello

Cosplayer Interview: Ana-Mello

I found this cosplayer on Deviant Art and loved her works for AKB48, I thought perhaps she would like to share some of her favorite things and I would link to you some of her work as well as blog page. So please enjoy!

Featured in Cosplay Puzzles here…


Q. Do you have any favorite songs AKB?
Yep! Sakura No Hanabiratachi

Q. What are some of your favorite games?
I love League of Legends, Osu, RPG maker games (especially Ib and Mad Father), Life Is Strange, Until Dawn, Catherine, Left 4 Dead, Alice Madness and Mortal Kombat~ There are others, but I think those are enough :3

Q. Do you have a favorite gaming console?
PC, just bc i don’t have any other ;3; I use my brother’s Play Station and my cousin’s and friend’s XBox a lot, but only the pc is mine

Q. What are some of your inspirations for cosplays or cosplaying?
I have a lot of cosplay friends here in Brazil and they are almost 60% of my inspirations~ I also love Jessica Nigri‘s work, Calssara, Kaname and Reika are big inspirations too

Q. Do you have any future cosplays planned?
Yes! A lot! Most of them from League and Avatar

Q. Do you have any favorite foods?
Feijoada (brazilian typical food), pasta and japanese food~ tbh i love food in general

Q. Do you have any favorite drinks?
All sort of coffees, tea, soda and natural juice

Q. Is cosplay popular where you live?
Not really, even though there’s a huge community of cosplayers and nerd culture fans

Q. Do you get to go to anime cons near you?
Yes! On the last two years I’ve been a little absent on cons bc I was too busy, but there’s a lot of them near me

Q. Will you be doing fashion or something art related for work?
Not sure yet, but maybe I’ll work with photos and edition

-Thanks very Much Ana-Mello and keep up the cool cosplays!

Preview of her gallery from Deviant Art!

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