Cosplayer Interview! ~ Kirigaya

Today’s cosplayer has some really cool cosplays from the anime’s Sword Art Online, LoveLive, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch and a bunch others.

My nickname is Kirigaya. I am from Italy.

The reason why I cosplay isn’t something simple to put into words. I think it can be resumed in “because I feel free”, that’s because by cosplaying any character I can live another life different from mine, because I act like him/her and I am free even from myself. But this is only I little I could say about it.

Q. Do you have any favorite songs AKB?
A. My favorite songs from AKB are Beginner, Pioneer, 夢は何度も生まれ変わる | Yume wa nando mo umarekawaru | Dreams are Reborn Over and Over… So long list XD

Q. What are some of your favorite games?
A. I don’t play many games besides League Of Legends with I play very often, and of course it’s my favorite. Another game that can be considered my favorite is Animal Crossing (Wild World and Let’s go to the city, unfortunately I couldn’t played New Leaf yet).

Q. Do you have a favorite gaming console?
A. I don’t have many consoles, in general I prefer to play with the computer.

Q. Do you have any favorite foods?
A. My favorite food is also a hard thing to say XD I love cakes with cream and chocolate but I can’t live without pasta (in general).

Q. What are some of your inspirations for cosplays or cosplaying?
A. As inspiration for cosplay I don’t really have some names to say, I take inspiration from everywhere because I search till I find what I was looking for.

Q. Do you have any future cosplays planned?
A. Future cosplays! Even this is difficult because lately my plans are constantly changing for different reasons. Right now I’m working on Rapunzel from Tangled, and something from Shingeki no Kyojin (I don’t know which character first, because I want to cosplay more than one character from this series).

Recently I’ve created a public page of Facebook for my cosplays and other things of my life. I will be more active there, because it works better to reply to messages and all the rest. Here is the link: Facebook ♥ I have also a Worldcosplay account [ World Cosplay] and a blog on Tumblr [ Tumblr ].

Other things I can say about myself are:
I love watching anime! It’s one of the best way to relax.
I love the theater. I acted in theaters for 11 years!
I love music and it’s like music is my oxygen. Time ago I used to play keyboard and guitar but most of all I love singing.
Related to the matter above, I love idols. Indeed I often cosplay idol characters. I should say that to become -like- an idol is one of my dreams.
What to say more… I’ve recently joined a maid team in my country, Nyan Maid Cafè, and I’ll start to work with them really soon in a big important convention.

Feel free to check out her links below to see more of her cool work!

Preview of her gallery from Deviant Art!

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