Falcom and their series Legend of Heroes

This column will be about the series Legend of Heroes. Made by Falcom. This series is not super popular here in the United States but it is in Japan and they are still continuing the series today. It is a pretty hardcore RPG type game but it has some features to it that make it different for its somewhat simple interface and style of play. You equip orbs for abilities and the combos system for them is flexible. Here is some PC footage, I haven’t played this version but it looks fun and sounds cool I think. I have played through 3 games on PSP.

Anyways there are two series on PSP each with three games. In each you generally roam a small but super detailed and really interesting group of characters. I don’t know how to really say it but the graphics are very geometric in the environments despite being really detailed with natural artifacts. This makes you think about the layout and where things are hidden in interesting ways. Its a kinda tedious game at times but once you start getting the hang of combat and explore more it gets better. I guess I can’t cover the whole series but there is a latest game coming out soon that is a 3D engine and looks interesting. I think there are PS3 and PSVita versions released.


There is a list of games that you can see, I am not sure but the generation leaps seem to make strides in different ways within the system, but they keep the really well defined character development in tact. Every game I have played has a party develop that makes sense and is kinda interesting in its own way. I suppose its like a 16-bit RPG like Final Fantasy but the world is much more detailed and usually has 3D aspects, as opposed to SNES games like maybe FF4 that are very flat still despite having the effect of 3D well done withing the bitmaps and layers they used. Its more like 16-bit style but with more definition.

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