Some of my favorite things… (websites)

I have this blog for my code and gaming and anime likes, but perhaps if you like my blog, and you have never seen some of these sites you can find some cool things for yourself if you check them out.

I like rpg games and this site is pretty interesting. They seem to be pretty honest in their reviews and don’t usually come across as high and mighty in their RPG knowledge. I listen to their audio casts as well, pretty fun stuff, and they like to include women into the collaboration as well. This is imperative for any work that affects mass amounts of people with their product. Something lost in many respects of technology, but is slowly improving.

This site is a bit more mature, but it has a good variety of things Otaku related and is good for keeping up on latest anime and BD releases that are uncut or uncensored. There is a large idol and echhi database of artworks, though at this point it is an 18+ site. It is also good for finding other blogs as well with similar content, the section under channel always shows cool new posts.

Gaming and video game guide site GameFaqs is really useful and has some most excellent boards for venting or hearing about games firsthand as they are released and you need more feedback other than industry influenced reviews. Not all are so bad but with hundreds of people adding comments you can usually tell over time what a game is about a little better than the opinions in most reviews. Oddly I did add a review site earlier, but that’s just because they are so old school cool with RPG’s and have really awesome podcasts.

World cosplay features a huge amount of cosplays and is a tone of fun to find cosplayers from around the world as well as perhaps finding cosplays of games not that popular in the U.S.

I hear Incubus has some favorite things as well…


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