Femme Villain: Shampoo

I love Ranma 1/2, the series is hilarious… seriously, I laugh almost always when I sit and read it. I may actually be going through withdrawals from the series lately, I just miss it so much! So here is a independent art spotlight on some deviant art pics featuring… Shampoo! A female character who is pretty aggressive with Akane and hopes to marry Ranma…

A nice Sketch here by REIJR… very cool

A cool catgirlish version of Shampoo by MIDNA01 showing Shampoo does in fact have her own curse in the books…

A very cool cosplay on the rocks… I love how the setting fits the scenery shown in much of the books.. rocky cliffs! – Ryoko-demo

A cool pic here by Yuki-Oto featuring Shampoo in a cool warring pose!

I like the style of this one, feels very real as art, much of digital artwork is so clean it hurts my eyes…this one is very nice feeling to me : D nice work 1nvaderNad… interesting name…

Feature Image: Nanavichan created a nice icon artwork.

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