Final Fantasy 7 PC

Final Fantasy VII PC 

A nice definitive version is on PC via Steam, if you have never played this game. It might show some graphics age, but this is because the game was actually designed for N64 first and then brought into PS1. I think the game even fits on one disc but the 3 discs were needed for FMV’s. The weapon customization and character development are some of the best points of this game. If you haven’t gotten a chance to play this game, I would suggest this version before the re-make is released. It does have some nice updates for the sound, it sounds better than the original PC version for sure, and there are mods for graphics from Advent Children.

The game itself is interesting in that it is different than previous games of course but it’s really more cyberpunk or post-apocalyptic feeling than 4, 5 or 6’s more medieval feel. There are a ton of factions and the small bands of characters are interesting as they make their appearances in the game.

Final Fantasy VII PC 

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