For all the right reasons… Drew Brees is in…

Aside from the hall of fame one day, Drew Brees passed Peyton Manning for top passing yards this weekend… I actually don’t follow much outside if the Bears win or not. But I always took notice when Drew Brees was scoring outrageous yards totals. And he look he wears #9 what a cool number! I think I have one jersey with my own choice of number, that being #24 after Dave Manson, for no other reason than me and my friend thought he had a cool sounding name and was a tough player.

I saw the Super Bowl game he won with New Orleans and it was one of the better games I’ve seen. New Orleans is a crazy party city for Madi Gras as most of you know but recently it had been devastated with flooding and there was a lot of political turmoil over how the response to help them was handled. It was pretty great that they had some good teams before this but finally put a championship together for them.


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