Force your “Environment” to work for you…

Android studio is a great tool and it has been much better for me than working with Eclipse. Perhaps my inexperience in coding and using IDE’s is what caused the troubles, but there is no argument that I prefer working in Android Studio. The IDE is built from the ground up for Android. What has helped me quite a bit during coding, is not practicing typing but learning how to use the IDE effectively.

For me in my personal experience I found my self moving code around instead of typing it out, relying on refactoring and testing to make sure it is correct. This means not typing out the same sentence with minor changes, but moving the previous one and simply add or remove what I need from it. I would imagine a better typist might be able to throw down code fast, but its very frustrating to waste time and energy on it when it can be done more easily in other ways.

The key take away here is EDIT THE KEYMAPPINGS to your tendencies if you are getting frustrated with how the IDE is presenting things to you by default.

Ok this edit is something that I think I learned from Eclipse, it is similar to scrolling but it has a nice feature to it that I really like. It keeps the cursor in place while moving text around. This allows me to think of the current line while taking in further surrounding context and other advantages. Check this quick video out and I’ll show you what I mean.

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