How about that, Cubs fans!

Never over till it’s over… so here’s a baseball post about The Show! The Sony staple of MLB on the Playstation. I might always agree that once upon a Playstation a game called Bottom of the 9th had the BEST pitcher to batter interface of any baseball game I’ve played.  Yet, with it’s amazing realism and actually really painfully hard yet rewarding hitting system, MLB: The Show seems to keep making cool versions.

Pretty cool stuff right? I love how they have kept realism in baseball, yet the game’s aren’t boring to play. I don’t play this series religiously but even so, if you are a passing fan, check it out for yourself and you’ll get a chance to see how hard it is to hit a baseball… they say it is one of the most difficult things to do in professional sports. Perhaps it looks complicated, so don’t be intimidated, I am sure they still keep newcomer’s in mind to some degree! Last one I played was tough but after playing a season out, I have nothing but good things to say about it!

For all the other Cubs fans out there… let’s hope we can keep this series rolling though we are down 3-1!


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