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Linux Mint… I have given it a try… by force. My PC was ran well for a while but over time. It slowed down, possibly because I didn’t air dust it enough. Dust is a major killer of computer’s, and using a dust can will help prolong the life and power of your computer. I tried to clean it regularly but over time, my PC began to have trouble running even Windows 7. It could be the 4GB of ram that limited it or the hard disk had errors in it. Either way, I have been studying and working in programming and really I focus on that more than being an electrical engineer or a hardware guy. To help keep my PC usable, I decided to try Linux out, since it has less system requirements.

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I have use Ubuntu before in college, but I never really like the UI very much, even though it can be customized, it just rubbed me the wrong way. Perhaps I am more used to the Windows type of UI. I eventually found different versions of Linux exist and one I like and use a lot on my PC now is Linux Mint. Now the real trick if you are very new, would be to use the “Cinnamon” UI. It works very much like Windows 10 and has many of the same features like windows snap and folders shortcut WINDOWS+E.

A valid talking point, I have read in the past and still today, is that the user base is low. I love Windows and developing in it, so don’t throw away Windows just yet on a whim, but since the user base is low there simply aren’t as many hacker’s. Also a big problem reported with Window’s and Internet Explorer was/is that the software has been around for so long, it’s been hacked apart by a lot of people over time.

My PC does run it a lot better now than it did with Windows 7. I can’t say it won’t be a time consuming thing to learn the command line, but I only use it for installing things, and there is a package manager that you can learn as well for a simpler way of installing things. You may be surprised at how easy it is to install, and use. The speed gain alone may make you more productive. As a bonus there are the web based versions of Office Word, PowerPoint, etc. you can use in place of the desktop version. There is less need for anti-virus due to technical reasons, but using a VPN at public WiFi’s is recommended for secure browsing, much like when using Windows. If you have remotely considered trying Linux out… go for it!

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