Little Witch Academy – series introduction

Little witch academy is by the studio Trigger and directed by Yoh Yoshinari, they are showing that they can be pretty good at mixing things up as this show is a bit different than what I knew Trigger  from, that being Kill la Kill. You can tell the art is similar in some ways, but the story and tone is very different. There are a lot of interesting witch characters and sub plots, as well as the main characters are interesting and they feel real or believable and this helps make the show feel real.


There are mostly comedy episodes but, a lot of the episodes touch on some interesting and mature themes, mostly about the missing witch Shiny Chariot and learning how to be a better person/witch. The show talks about working hard to achieve dreams and this is really important for believing in the whole story, as all the witches are capable on a whim at something, except for the main star Akko. She is usually very weak, but she is energetic and shows really immense ability when it seems to matter most or if other’s can’t. Its interesting and likable to see her succeed after failing a ton!

Check this anime out, there are two seasons and a 25 minute OVA, for a cool take on on witches and school type anime’s. I think it has some light horror elements and some dark comedy elements, but it is mostly light hearted and leaves the viewer feeling entertained after watching the shows.

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