Melon Protector

I like the old comic Ghallagher, have you heard of him… not sure if his routine still works or if there was some underlying theme to it I missed. It was the eighties, it could be layered in perverted sex jokes and cocaine. But mostly it was just some funny French painter looking guy smashing fruit over people. I don’t know what’s wrong with people in this world. I just hope to be entertained…

So not sure why this is in this post.. I actually just wanted to show off a couple of new helmets I might buy. I actually have two, I figure maybe someone else at reck might need it. I suppose I keep some shin pads for that too… but that’s kinda gross. Using someone else’s equipment with sweat and bacteria… who know’s maybe that was Hossa’s skin condition cause. Worse than sharing needles… sharing hockey equipment. j/k Drugs are not a joke.

What do you guys think visor or no visor?

Nice option for under 100.00 CCM is a pretty reliable company, I see their gear a lot. But I would like to find one with a shield to try that out… but it most likely will cost more. Something like this nice but I would still need to get the helmet part. Looks cool.

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