Monkey King vs Android Monkey Testing

I started playing a game called DOTA 2, its pretty fun, a team based action strategy rpg. You should check it out ifyou like these types of games, there are A TON of characters, but the gameplay is so deep you will have to spend time learning the game. Luckily there are alot of new players, seriously, most tactics from guides don’t matter till you get good. But it is intimidating to have so many players to choose from and try to figure out how you want to play.

Official Channel:

I really liked the Dragon Knight character, though he is slow moving and that’s very difficult to learn how to combat. But there is this guy called the Monkey King, it’s a funny character… I mean it’s so close to human, and his gameplay tactics are often kinda comical in nature, using stealth and other tricks to navigate the landscape.

So what is more fun… him or during developement coming across Android’s Monkey command…

Link to Code:

You can stress test your application for bugs not previously found. It will use the device randomly in different ways you toggle and it just kinda fun to see it and its a relief to know the application won’t crash at least, you still have to check it’s doing the right thing of course : D

you can use android’s terminal to use this…

adb shell monkey -p anime.applications -v 10000 --wait-dbg


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