Do people still enter “The World”…?

The anime/game series dothack… I think it’s really great and has a well written, sorta-dystopian story of the internet destroyed. But for some reason I don’t know many people who have played these games but… online gamer’s! lol Seriously on forums is about the only time I see one.

I was lucky enough to buy the games when they were new and I remember this was about 2002 time frame and for the first time I found that a game was about online gaming… now there are quite a few good ones like accel world or sword art. I for one, was fooled thinking there was an online component and had no idea if it was online…! Maybe the only one… but the fun in this game is that the simulation is really fun. Instead of a high fantasy world the real world is the world and the game is also “the world”… in title.


I would say you should start with the anime SIGN or the game INFECTION, you will get a good feel of the rest of the content from here. There are some books and audio tapes too for the hardcore… I only have some DVD included stuff, but there is a lot out there! It features a real world, a new version of the internet and a brand new mmo game called “The World” that everyone plays… but its been created with a virus that seems to have real world implications.






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