“Primitive” games…

I think I have been reading a bit on archaic humans for some reason, imagining that there were an ancient race of people who could read and travel the seas based on stars and did so over painstaking years. Despite being a tech student I really enjoyed taking an Archaeology class, I think it’s a good course for stimulating thinking and learning problem solving in different ways. All this made me ponder on gaming origins… what are our primitive or “archaic” games?

Nintendo is/was a card company, they made card games back in 1889, this is a first choice to focus on for video gaming, but being from the United States we grow up more with Milton Bradley¬†games. Board games, the side games we have as bonus in our awesome RPG’s were all people had back in the day. A quick read on Milton is interesting and pretty funny, before he had a gaming company his lithograph business went out of sale as Lincoln became famous. It boosted his sales to have Lincoln, but after Lincoln grew his iconic beard the images were outdated and didn’t sell, forcing him to focus on selling board games.

Since I can’t trust you guys will look at the wiki page, please let me show you the morbid side of gaming in the 1860’s for all to play. The above is from The Checkered Game of Life. I think PC games used to be edgy like this in the 90’s with Doom having more violence than consoles. According to this 50 was getting up there in age. Suicide was clearly a viable option, but if you can stay away from crime you just might find honesty and success. The game’s focus on commercial success overtook games based on progressing virtues, a sign of a healthy growing nation. I imagine those were religious type board games, along with my Jacob’s Ladder it was all I ever needed then!

Is this funny or just plain crude? Not sure myself… then I turned off season 2 at some point.

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