SNES Sim City

I started playing SNES’s version of Sim City a while back when the SNES was an active console. I really like the simplicity of it. The style is real time strategy. It was so new and interesting and fun at the time. I had to re download it. Some games don’t seem to keep the same effect over time. It’s sad. Like not having the CRT monitor’s for TV makes a big difference sometimes. But in the PC version. It still plays really nice. I sort of like the style of it from a UI point of view. Though it runs kinda slowly, even at top speeds.

The best part of waking up to a new city full of money, is knowing there were no disaster’s to ruin it. If you set it up with a good base it will make money over time. Let it run while the pc is running…

It’s a fun game still. Even in a perfect world you build up as your own, it feels like a new city and features a new set of differences. Great Job!

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