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You might be amazed at how nice it is to be told what you want to hear. If a company could read all your emails and then when you ask them for anything they know just what you want. Too bad most people don’t really know what they want. Yesterday is over, today you should think about how privacy can make you stronger. What if all you had offered to eat was yesterday’s meal… it might get old. Just as Google is now yesterday’s meal.. today I suggest you dine on PRIVACY.

StartPage is interesting, as it does use Google for results but you won’t have your life sent to the dark web and you will be less likely to be taken advantage of in life. This is a huge win for the people in a time when we are at war with other countries and legal internet profiter’s in the U.S.

Google searches your emails and tailor’s your results to you and your text usages. Don’t let them control your life with suggestions… decide what you want. It won’t be long before they find ways to make money off of you and have you contributing to things that are not in your best interest. Technology seems to move faster than current laws can keep up with.

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