Stylish dressing in La Femme Nikita…

I love the French film La Femme Nikita. It’s a pretty good take on a gritty idea. A crazy women with a bunch of thieves who is turned into an assassin after killing a policeman during a robbery. She is turned into a high class killer and is eventually given some freedom after performing assassinations on other people when the French government orders. During the film she wears some pretty cool clothes though. Here are in my opinion the bright spots of the film… her attire… and possibly the scene where she dances after winning a match. She has a lot of nice clothes both in jeans and t-shirts and in costumes during kill missions but these few seem to fit pretty well for the scene’s and her character.

  1. A classy image with dressy clothes, this attire will be worn to dinner and then to assassinate someone… and then ran home jacket less in the rain after escaping…

2. Bathroom undergarments… could be a swimsuit though… not sure. The pattern is interesting and looks French like and most likely costly… pretty cool though for the scene.

3. Post assassination high class restaurant outfit, including a giant hat with holes in it. Not sure why she is so loud, but I guess she has made money, earned some freedom and is enjoying it.

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