SNES classic, a throwback to systems with games included!

What the hell is this gaming world thinking? First we have consoles re-releasing consoles in a “Pro” version that features improved frame rates… OK but what about everyone else that owns a regular PS4? I think they just got ripped off big time. Improving the frame rates seems a bit of a slap to gamer’s who paid for the first generation PS4’s. Its no one surprised we are in a video game crash as we speak. The systems are way too expensive for any kid to afford and often too complex. Look at the current prices and think about how the hell a person could afford to game.

Nintendo to the rescue with the SNES! You will get some cool retro games that are vital to the rebellion at this point. I like the style of Nintendo, provided those who can afford it can buy a Switch, but also remembering that 100.00 should be enough to play some really awesome games. They include the games with the system, an art form LOST to the masses with each new generation skimping more and more on things included.

Supply is limited but there is Amazon and other outlets to get a system for a little more… I would suggest waiting till restocking occurs but it’s up to you. Why is gaming so expensive these days?  Don’t overpay for garbage. Play trusted AAA games as they are provided reasonably priced.

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