Taiko Drum Game… prepare yourself for the awesome!

Have you ever seen this game… Taiko no tatsujin its a really fun drum game. I am not sure if its the catchy songs or the traditional feel of the instrument with the songs.. but its just really fun. I think the actual arcade versions are mostly in Japan but there are console versions, I personally have shopped at PlayAsia and found good results despite the added costs.. There seems to be a good amount of variety in the songs though most of the songs if not all are from Japanese culture. Lots of jPop and game tracks as well as anime, though it was almost more fun to play the traditional sounding songs cause of the sound of the drum goes with it so well.

You hit the center area or rim or both hands and perform fast double hits! Its simple but you can ramp up the challenge to make it really tough like actual drumming… lol.

If ever in Japan play it, or check out the console/portable versions.



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