The Color RED… or so you think…

Find a pretty interesting article here on the color red and how our vision is limited, as well as a possible explanation for why this is. It goes back to the days of our evolution. Possibly not even as human beings but as early beings known as humans, or hell even earlier, began to thrive in the environment. I have read that having roles in society gives us strength and also limited us in overall ability but here is a good site that has some interesting tests for seeing if you can discern the color red as finely as you think you can.

Click me for a RED test…

Here is a picture I have taken, in hopes you will follow the above link. And remember, RED may have been the first color we have evolved to see according to my learnings in college. I can’t say that seeing color is an advantage at all, since playing a game online that is FPS proves that grey scale gamer’s tend to get better scores. Less distractions or being able to discern a target, is the theory behind it. Here is a sample of a RED color test. When I look at this and really look, eventually I see a darker color red in the third box that fades to it’s true color. They ARE in lighter to darker order though.

Red by UVER on Deviant Art


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