The World Ends With You – DS flashback

The World Ends With You – DS flashback…

Ever been to Tokyo? The anime, otaku and geek tech haven of the universe Just before leaving for Tokyo in 2008, I bought a game in anticipation called “The World Ends With You“. Against what I felt were mixed feelings on Square-Enix and how they were remaking older games, I decided to give it a try and found a game more creative and amazing than I had expected. The World Ends With You – DS version is a fun game with a few really cool WiFi features to keep it interesting even when not playing.

The World Ends With You - DS    The World Ends With You - DS   The World Ends With You - DS

You play in a sort of netherworld version of Tokyo where people have… well lets not spoil too much… but where you are placed in real settings in Tokyo and have access to many popular neighborhoods with their own feel and music soundtracks as well as clothing styles. This is all part of the game as you have to use different style of clothes to get bonuses.

The game play plays out as traveling though maps and interacting with people as they tell you where to go in murmurs and hints. Battles take place in a split screen where you can power up your character through the use of trendy pins that give you abilities. As cool feature, can leave your DS on idle to pick up other players and other WiFi signals to power them up while not playing. There is a top and bottom player but I found controlling two people at once in this kind of real time battle pretty tough and left it on PC control. I am sure that just as my U.S. dominating Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken gets schooled pretty hard in Akiba arcades, there are some pretty good gamers that rock this feature out in manual.

I am really ready to give numbers to a game and experience that is so good and unique so I will just say if you are a geek with a RPG itch you can check this out on DS, Android or iOS… and you should!


The World Ends With You – DS

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