Trails of Cold Steel on PC

The Legend of Heroes series continues with a new release to Steam. If you have never played any of the Legend of Heroes games before they tend to be very story driven and usually have a good paced turn based battle system with nice customization for abilities and stacking them. I still have to roll through the 3rd game of the last Trails series, but I think I’ll get from there to here eventually. Here is a trailer clip if you like to see some footage.

Here is a link to the FALCOM music channel. There is also a JDK Band video here too if you are interested. I guess I have to roll through the 3rd in the PSP Legend of Heroes as well… Song of the Ocean. If you can play the PSP versions I highly reccomend it, they aren’t the most complicated rpg’s but that is the beauty of it. Its a more simple turn based game with simple but growingly complex story arcs.

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