Wargames (1983)

Are you aware of this movie about war and hacking with games as the football? Ferris Bueller (a.k.a Mathew Broderick) stars in this game about a hacker that causes a system to think war is eminent and trigger’s counter measures by accident. During the cold war, I read Russia was scary because it was so big and powerful and there was really no interaction with them like Instagram. Imagine a whole country and you are completely unaware of its things like culture and whatever else information the internet provides easily now.

I think my only fear with technology today is the question of how do we rely so heavily on technology for defense and war, but we have so many entertainment oriented technology devices and personal devices? Are we going to have these resources for so long of a time that we will still have resources when other countries will? I think China and South America have the most precious resources over time, so won’t we run out? I think countries that have resources are forced to trade, but they can keep personal stashes… duh.

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