Why is there a need for phone applications or “apps”?

When you use your PC you don’t have to download a separate application for every company and thing you do. You use your internet browser, right? So why is it that on our phone, where we have data plans that limit our flexibility already and poor internet here in the U.S., do we have to download constantly every time we try to use a site or play a new game?

I started developing in HTML5 and JavaScript, and I feel these two should be powerful enough to run any site, perform any login and run any game you can already run in your browser. I feel it’s been a way to inflate data plans. Rarely do I see an application do anything different on my phone than on my PC browser, other than ask for permissions for personal information.

Companies that have full fledged running websites seem to need a separate application to run this same site effectively on your phone. This requires two sets of development for iOS (Objective-C) and Android (Java and Kotlin). Why? Also… phone’s hard drive space should be so large it never runs out, it’s memory that is the premium not disk space or CPU power. Yet our phone’s are constantly out of space. I have limited proof, but I feel this is a way inflate developer costs and inflate costs of development and to justify large cell phone bills.

Applications on your phone can access your camera, contact lists… personal information that you rely on… sounds a bit like the answer is a common complaint I have with technology. It is becoming too sociopathic these days. Selling us out behind our backs, constant data breaches and releasing our information to the dark web. It’s not a safe world, and technology imitates life.

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